Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2014 Cloud Predictions

Warning: this is written with a glass of wine on one hand, two days before vacation ...:)

1. CloudStack will abandon semantic versioning and adopt super hero names for its releases, this will make upgrade paths more understandable.

2. Someone will take Euca API server and stick CloudStack backend beneath it, adding Opennebula packaging will make this the best cloud distro of all.

3. I will finally make sense of NetflixOSS plethora of software and reach nirvana by integrating CloudStack in Asgard.

4. AWS will opensource its software killing OpenStack, and we will realize that in fact they use CloudStack with Euca in front.

5. I will understand what NFV, VNF and SDN really mean and come up with a new acronym that will set twitter on fire.

6. We will actually see some code in Solum.

7. bitcoin will crash and come back up at least five times.

8. Citrix stock will jump 100% on acquisition by IBM.

9. My boss will stop asking me for statistics.

10. Facebook will die on a Snowden revelation.

I will stop at 10 otherwise this could go on all night :)

Happy Holidays everyone


  1. IBM acquisition ? Don't tell me that I have to look for jobs..

  2. Hmm... this is the only post with a wine tag. What gives?